Updated sex menu template! (and some other resources)

After getting feedback from various people, we’ve updated the blank template to include some things that you may want to include when you’re writing a sex menu. We haven’t reformatted the zine to include this new material yet (and other parts of the zine will no doubt need to be updated as well), but we thought we’d make the template available anyway! You can download it here (Word document) or here (PDF). As before, feel free to fill-in, edit and share it as you wish.

To give you an idea, of what a completed sex menu might look like, some volunteers have agreed to let us post theirs up here. Check out the sex menus for J, G and P.

You may find these other resources useful when putting together your own sex menu. Scarleteen has an extremely comprehensive ‘inventory’ or checklist to get you thinking about the various sexual (and relationship) activities you may or may not be interested in. Autostraddle has also made a ‘hybrid’ template, with an inventory to complete, along with more open-ended write-in questions.


Updated sex menu template! (and some other resources)

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